My Preparation for Fiesta Sunday 

Tonight I want to piggyback on my last post, “It’s Super Sunday, Fiesta Sunday.” I’ve waited for this moment to talk about how I prepared for this wonderful occasion. Well here are my steps:

Step 1. Sectioned the ground beef – If you’re planning to use ground beef for any meal any time of the week whether its spaghetti, sloppy joes, meatloaf, and, the star of the show, tacos! It’s best to section off the amount of meat you want to use.

Step 2. Cut Vegetables to bite size dices- On onions chop and measure off 1 1/2 cup (if serving 4 to 5 people then 2 large onions would be perfect.) Also chop one large tomato into small dices (again if serving 4 to 5 people then 2 large tomatoes would be perfect.) Here are the pics of my prepared ingredients. 



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2 comments on “My Preparation for Fiesta Sunday 
  1. Amanda says:

    I made the best chicken fajitas tonight-must be Mexican food weekend lol

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