My Experience at The Owners Box

Last night my husband and I as well as other family and friends help celebrate my aunt Nancy’s birthday at “The Owners Box” inside the Omni Hotel at The Dallas Convention Center. There were big screen televisions, heated fireplaces, mini bars, and we even watched the Dallas Mavericks take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. The food was perfect, I especially ordered the Cajun Shrimp Tacos with side order of in house tortilla chips and salsa. If you’re ever in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, come to the Omni Hotel and check out this restaurant “The Owners Box,” you’ll fall in love on the first bite. 



Passionate about food, fun, and life!!

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4 comments on “My Experience at The Owners Box
  1. advocarebylori says:

    That looks delicious!


  2. Joyfull Mom says:

    Wow…This looks delicious!


  3. Reading your blog makes me hungry! Tacos for breakfast might not be such a good idea, though, so I’ll have to put this picture out of my head for a few hours! 🙂


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