Breakfast at The Dallas Arboretum 

From the beautiful flowers to the children playing and beautiful nature music playing. And let’s not forget the breakfast that was served! Today was a gorgeous day here in Dallas. I was at the “Your Brain Matters” meeting dedicated to ending Altzheimers among our senior citizens which was very powerful and inspiring. Now back to the breakfast, it was this catering company called Gil’s Elegant Dining. Not only the flowers were beautiful, but the food was divine. I know that if I plan an event at the Arboretum, Gil’s would be it for me! 



Passionate about food, fun, and life!!

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3 comments on “Breakfast at The Dallas Arboretum 
  1. tmisseghers says:

    Hello Shandra, You have always been so supportive of my blog from the start. Your blog is a reminder to me there that food always come with a story. I love the beautiful photos in this post. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. All the details are here:
    Have a great weekend,


  2. lorigreer says:

    What a lovely event!


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