Dinner Date at Razzoo’s

On a cloudy Sunday evening my husband and I decided to have dinner at Razzoo’s and in all honesty it’s one of my new favorite restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Before I go on I just want to give credit to my husband Orion for taking these beautiful photos, I mean, he did a great job!! Above I had the jambalaya pasta and my husband had the cajun stuffed chicken with a side of rice. So if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, visit your nearest Razzoo’s restaurant.



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13 comments on “Dinner Date at Razzoo’s
  1. Lucky Sketch says:

    I hope someone would invent something that could make you pull out images from PCs to eat.


  2. My sister lives in the DFW area. Would ask her about this restaurant. The food looks great…and thanks to your husband for taking the photos.


  3. voulaah says:

    Thank you for sharing this very beautiful post via Jacqueline’s blog
    Huumm very tasty
    I adore to discover your blog and follow


  4. That plate of pasta looks satisfying.


  5. voulaah says:

    it looks so tasty this dinner


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