Move it Mondays

In response to Move it Mondays, having a healthy lunch is another way to healthy living.


Passionate about food, fun, and life!!

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8 comments on “Move it Mondays
  1. Laura says:

    That looks yummy! What all is in it?


  2. Soul Gifts says:

    Looks delicious !


  3. lorigreer says:

    Great start to your week!


  4. On your way to healthy living. Looks wonderful!


  5. bf62183703 says:

    Hi Shandra, I notice that you started blogging around the same time as I, last July 2015 for me. The salad does look good. I usually have a chicken Caesar salad for supper. Leaf lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, sometimes a Gala Apple (darn I have to watch sugar as well as cholesterol and gout), black olives, plum tomatoes. Took me a short time to get into the supper salad mode, I surprised myself. I try not to use the word “diet” any more. I call it lifestyle or something like that. Keep movin’ is hard to do but even walking more is good. Eat well, from a fellow traveler on a road to a different eating style.


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