Kind Energy

What comes to mind when it comes to kind energy? It could mean a complement, a smile when you walk pass someone in a hallway or on the streets, or making times to give to the needy. Kind energy to me is choosing to smile and speaking kind words from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s be the kind of people that gives free kind energy today!!


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6 comments on “Kind Energy
  1. v4vikey says:

    Very true……….. I agree.

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  2. Amunala says:

    My PR allows me to meet all with smile.There is no regrets in being good to humanity.


  3. amommasview says:

    Kind energy is sent out by someone you like to be around.


  4. Speaking kind words from the heart is very sincere. Many times people say Good Morning out of habit but what if they really said it from the heart. Would the other person hear and feel the difference? Thanks for sharing your kind energy post.


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