12 Things I am Grateful For

In response to the June 1-30 Challenge, day 12 talks about 12 things I am grateful for and here is what I’m thankful for:

  1. Jesus, because He died on the cross so that our sins are forgiven.
  2. A faithful, loving husband.
  3. A loving family.
  4. A loving bible-focused church.
  5. A job that I go to everyday and co-workers, supervisors, and managers who are more than willing to help every step of the way.
  6. Shelter/Electricity.
  7. Food in my cupboard.
  8. Good health.
  9. Being able to pay my student loan debt.
  10. My Word press family.
  11. Having an opportunity to be a blessing to others.
  12. The Internet where I can get work done and express my creativity.

Passionate about food, fun, and life!!

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4 comments on “12 Things I am Grateful For
  1. luckysketch says:

    nice. it’s nice to let out the things you are thankful of.


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