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Throwback Thursday (Tilapia Night)

One of my very first post of August 2015 Advertisements

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Wordless Wednesday (Cheese Club House)

My time at Northpark Mall in Dallas and came upon this cheese club house.

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I feel like shandraeats sounds pretty good, what do you think?

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Berry Week August 1-6

Hello friends this is Shandra with and from August 1-6 I will be focused on berries. Yes all week long I’m going to focus on the natural things we grow in our backyard and we get from grocery stores

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The Lord’s Sanctuary

Originally posted on Grace in Housekeeping:
Wen I am sitting in the sanctuary Your presence Oh God do I feel, Are you comfortable my Lord God, For I know there’s a lot you listen to, For there’s a lot I…

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Details (Biblical Arts Museum of Dallas)

After my visit to the Biblical Arts Museum of Dallas, I viewed this picture of Baby Jesus and I just fell in love with the Details.

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Throwback Thursday 

Well seeing that is Throwback Thursday and all, I’ll just go ahead and post one of my throwbacks (or two)

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Wordless Wednesday (Blue Rocks)

Today is Wordless Wednesday when pictures speak for itself. On my visit to Richland College on Monday I saw these beautiful blue rocks. Does these speak to you?

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Wordless Wednesday (Water Fountain)

It’s that time of week again when pictures speak for itself. Does this water fountain speak to you?

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The Adventurous Foodie site

Hello fellow bloggers in case you had a hard time getting into The Adventurous Foodie Blog that is I apologize for the inconvenience as I continue to correct this problem.

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