Berry Day, Yay! Cranberries 

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Who loves Ocean Spray juices beside myself? Then you can relate that cranberries has that dry yet melt-in-your-mouth taste. By drinking cranberry juice alone is like drinking into an ocean of sweetness and tart. Go out and get some cranberries. I really enjoyed Berry Week. It was a great experience! Bon voyage!!


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4 comments on “Berry Day, Yay! Cranberries 
  1. bf62183703 says:

    I love making fresh cranberry sauce. Hearing the crackle of berries exploding in the pot is a culinary delight. Not too much sugar, a little tartness in the “taste” is good. It’s such an easy fresh fruit to make. I enjoyed your “berry” week!

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  2. Lisa A. says:

    I love drinking cranberry juice! It’s good for the bladder, treating a UTI.


  3. autistsix says:

    I love Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice and it’s good for the bladder & lots of other health problem prevention.

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